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A SuQu Epiphany; Better Than _ _ _?

epiphanyWhen you realize messy is the only place to be.

Let me explain what I mean by messy. It’s when you’re trying to plan for what success looks like and exactly how you’re going to get there, every single excruciating step. It’s when you think it’s simple then you realize that’s why everyone else is stuck just like you, because you only take the time to think everything halfway through. It’s when you realize that your lack of clarity is holding you back. It’s when you understand that your lack of focus is slowing you down. It’s when you realize that nothing else matters more than getting more clarity and focus so your dreams are possible. It’s when you challenge your thinking like never before. It’s when you challenge yourself to take your business to new heights. When it hurts the most, when you’re really frustrated yet still incredibly motivated, that’s when you’re there, wonderfully messy.

You see, SuQu Mapping is not about filling in the answers to the questions a typical coach or consultant might ask you in completing your business plan.  It’s about coming up with real answers to only that which truly matters in the pursuit of your success. SuQu Mapping will cause you to dig deeper than you ever have in your business life. SuQu will help you filter the clutter in your mind so that you can focus on only that which directly delivers you to your one-and-only destination, your vision of success. Is there any other place worth going?

A SuQu Epiphany is that moment when you realize that the only way to achieve real success, the right way, means doing it the hard way, getting messy. And right after you are convinced that the hard way is the only way is when it really hits you; it doesn’t have to be that way. Now, I can do it the SuQu Way.

That, my friends, is a SuQu Epiphany.

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One Response to “A SuQu Epiphany; Better Than _ _ _?”

  1. The breakthrough is rewarding. It takes time and energy to achieve the goal of clarity. However, once realized it is euphoric!