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SuQu & The 5 Aces


How to best pursue success is widely debated, overcomplicated, oversimplified and often misunderstood. But after 10 years helping business owners grow their businesses, over 2 years of research, and several hundred thousand dollars of development we have figured it all out. We have created the most powerful success tool know to business owners.

We have followed success stories and have seen what separates the best form the rest and it’s really quite fundamental. The most successful people in history aren’t just lucky, they don’t just happen to know all the right people, they don’t own money trees, they don’t come from money, and they don’t typically know much more than you.

The most successful people in the world have 5 aces up their sleeves – the Alignment of Awareness, Attitude, Action and Accountability. These same strategies will work for you.


All of their power is directed in one direction. When everything is aligned it’s efficient and effective. They are not pursuing opportunities or actions outside of this alignment. They are incredibly engaged and focused and they are able to sustain this for months on end creating incredible momentum that almost seems endless.


Successful people understand what they do best and what is needed for them to achieve at a high level. It’s also an awareness of what they are building, what they want to achieve and exactly what success looks like when they get there. They can visualize their success. Check out the focus on this golfers face as he visualizes and hits the shot of a lifetime, or in his case, an average shot.

If you noticed, Tiger visualizes exactly how he is going to hit the ball, where it will land and what will happen to it, in the hole. Would you like to have the power to visualize and focus like Tiger?


You have to believe in yourself and the process. A winning attitude is paramount. If you do the right work on a consistent basis, if you grow your company the right way, success in inevitable. You have to believe that to your core. Successful people believe nothing less is possible for them.


Masterful implementation is critical. I’ve seen average marketing knock the socks of great marketing simply because of consistent, continuous implementation. I always find myself wondering how successful they’d be if they had professional marketing support. Directed action is what it takes. Clarify your direction then, on a day to day basis, act only in that direction.


If you say you’re going to get something done, do it. Here’s the thing, most people try to do too many things and most of them are not things they ought to be doing in the first place so afterwards they’re even more frustrated and confused. Accountability is about making sure you spend your time doing what you say you’re going to do and only that which you say is in your focus area. I’ll speak to accountability again, it’s huge.

When you engage a quality business coach who is armed with all of the above and SuccessQuest’s new Online SuQu Mapping Tool, you are positioned for amazing results in your business. We recently launched our new company, SuccessQuest, and our SuQu Mapping tool to coaches and business owners. Our coaches and business owners are having much success. People are exceeding even their stretch objectives. We’ve been asked to increase the performance tracking values to account for greater than 100% achievements. That’s right, coaches and advisors needed us to add 110%, 120% and higher as they blow the lights off their goals in an ECONOMIC RECESSION. Crazy but true.

Are vision mapping and accountability coaching right for you? Let us know, we’ll hook you up with a great coach. If you already work with a coach, have them call us and we’ll hook them up with SuQu Mapping.

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